Metal garages are the best solution to protect your cars and most valuable possessions from the harsh weather. With three different roof styles there is a perfect fit for your budget.

Metal Garages

There are countless options when building a metal garage and many things to consider. Metal garages can be composed of one of three roof styles, regular roof style, boxed eave or vertical roof style. Regular roof style is an strong yet economic option featuring horizontal panels and rounded eaves. A boxed eave roof style is composed of an “A style” bow or rafter with panels running horizontally. Finally a vertical roof style is the strongest structures and most efficient. It also features an “A style” rafter but has panels running vertically and uses hat-channel for installation and thus making the entire structure stronger. Vertical roofs also helps water, leaves and other debris flow smoothly off of the roof.

Next step is to choose the dimensions of your building. Take into consideration the width and length of your vehicles as well as the height you will be needing. This is also true for your garage doors. Placement of doors and openings are critical. Garage doors or openings larger than 5′ will need a header to accommodate for the leg posts taken out in the opening. Consider any other windows or walk-in-doors to fully satisfy your exact needs.

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