RV Covers

Have a place to protect your recreational investments on the off-season. Protect your RV, motor-home, or motor-coach from the sun and other weather elements. Our metal structures are built to last and provide excellent year-round protection. RV covers are engineered to stand taller than the standard carport.

Carports galore offers a very fast lead time and free installation. We also provide various options of payment including Rent-to-own and financing.

RV Covers 12'-24' Wide

RV Covers 26'-30' Wide

Available Roof Styles

Boxed Eave Style

Vertical Roof Style

Double Leg and base rail.

Standard Features

Metal RV covers are designed with 14 gauge galvanized steel framing and 29 gauge metal roofing. 12 gauge framing is also available for extra strength. All units have double leg and base-rail for strength and stability in height starting at 14′ tall. Framing is spaced at 5′ on center. Leg bracing is included on al legs for horizontal stability. Secure your structure on any level ground with included concrete, asphalt or mobile home/ground anchors.RV covers range in width from 12′ to 24′ with a standard bow/rafter and 26′ to 30′ wide with a welded truss bow. All units can be built from 20′ and longer.Buildings are fully rated for winds up to 140MPH and snow loads of up to 35PSF

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